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Dog bites can result in severe injuries, often with long-lasting effects, especially when the victim is a child. You may be entitled to compensation if you or a loved one has suffered intense harm from being bitten by someone else’s dog. At Kitchen Simeson Belliveau LLP, our experienced dog attack injury lawyer team in Oshawa specializes in handling personal injury claims related to dog bites. With years of expertise, we understand the complexities of these cases and are committed to helping our clients seek the compensation they deserve.

Dog attacks can cause various injuries, including puncture wounds, lacerations, nerve damage, and psychological trauma. Children are vulnerable to these types of injuries due to their size and inability to defend themselves effectively. In addition to bodily damage, dog bites can also cause emotional stress and financial burdens for victims and their families.

Our dedicated team of dog attack injury lawyers in Oshawa will analyse the details of your case and work with you to create a personalized legal strategy. We will gather evidence, interview witnesses, and confer with medical professionals to build a strong lawsuit on your behalf. We hold the wrongdoer accountable parties accountable and secure the maximum claim for your injuries and losses.

We understand the impact that dog attacks can have on your life, and we are here to support you every step of the way. If you have been injured in a dog attack in Oshawa or the surrounding areas, please call us for a free consultation.

Dog Owners’ Liability Act

Ontario has a statute called the Dog Owners’ Liability Act. The statute imposes “strict liability” on the dog owner. This means that regardless of the situation, even if the animal was startled or it was the first time the animal attacked, the owner will be held responsible. It does not matter if the owner was good or acted reasonably. If the dog attacks, the owner will be held strictly liable. Please speak to our dog attacks injury lawyer in Oshawa to learn how to claim for your injury.

Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover claims for dog bites and attacks. This means that a claim against the dog owner will not result in the owner paying money out of their pocket if they have insurance.

Consequences of a Dog’s Bite

Dog bites can cause significant injuries and damage. Bites can leave scarring, which can be a lifelong problem. Very serious injuries can result from a dog bite, and personal injury claims can be advanced to compensate for the injury, as well as medical expenses and loss of income.

Physical injuries
Victims may suffer from infections such as rabies or tetanus, adding further complications to the injury. Severe bites may lead to permanent scarring or disfigurement, affecting the victim’s physical appearance and self-esteem.

Emotional trauma
Being attacked by a dog can cause substantial psychological distress, leading to signs such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Sufferers may develop a fear of dogs or experience nightmares and flashbacks related to the incident.

Financial burden
Treating dog bite wounds can be costly, including hospitalization, surgery, and rehabilitation expenses. Victims may incur lost wages due to time taken off work for recovery or treatment appointments.

Impact on quality of life
Dog bite injuries can impact the victim’s quality of life, impacting their capability to perform daily activities or engage in hobbies. Scarring or disfigurement may cause social stigma and discrimination, leading to isolation or withdrawal from social interactions.

You must provide the following information to our dog attacks injury lawyer in Oshawa to claim damages.

  • Date, time, and the location where the incident took place.
  • Description of the dog
  • Details of the incident
  • Contact information of the owner


Some frequently asked questions regarding dog bites are:

What Should I Do Immediately After a Dog Attack?

Your health and safety are the top priorities. Seek medical attention promptly to address any physical injuries. If possible, gather contact information from the dog owner and any witnesses. Take photos of your wounds and the scene of the attack. Once you’re stable, reach out to us for legal guidance. Report the incident to the local department of health.

Can I Sue the Dog Owner for Injuries?

In many cases, yes. Dog owners are accountable for handling their pets and preventing them from inducing harm to others. You can claim against the owner for pain and suffering, lost income, medical expenses, and more.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit After a Dog Attack?

The statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Ontario is normally two years from the incident date. However, acting quickly to gather evidence and build a strong case is crucial. Contact us as soon as possible to ensure your rights are protected.

What If the Dog Has Never Attacked Anyone Before?

The Dog Owners’ Liability Act imposes strict liability on the owner of a dog that attacks.

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