Bicycle Accidents – Causes and Liability

Cycling is the sport or activity in Ontario most frequently resulting in hospitalization. Experienced and new cyclists alike can get hurt from a serious accident due to neglect of a driver or poor road conditions, and sometimes with some liability resting with the cyclist. If your injuries are significant and you do not think you are entirely at fault, you may be entitled to compensation.

What You Can Expect If You or a Loved One Suffer a Catastrophic Injury

The prospect of a catastrophic injury impairing you or a loved one means the worry, stress, and pain of the injury is compounded by an uncertain financial future. In the immediate aftermath, after dealing with emergency responders, the medical system, and insurance, a personal injury lawyer in Whitby or Ajax can lead your case for compensation.

If I Don't Have Pictures Do I Still Have a Personal Injury Case in Oshawa, Whitby or Cobourg?

When pictures are taken at the accident scene, they can be the most accurate record of the location and damages to vehicles or property, the road and weather conditions, lighting, and if there were any contributing factors (e.g., construction).

Why You Should Always Report an Automobile or Car Accident of Significant Value in Oshawa, Whitby & Cobourg

If the combined damage to the vehicles is less than $2,000 and there are no injuries, those involved in the accident are not required to report it to the police.

When Does Food Poisoning Become a Personal Injury Case in Ontario?

Over the past year, Chipotle made news when there were reported outbreaks of E. coli at its restaurants across the United States. During the outbreak, there were approximately 60 people who were infected by the foodborne illness and 22 of the victims were hospitalized.