Isn’t it bad enough that you’ve experienced an event in your life that requires an insurance claim? Whether you’ve had a fire in your home, a car accident, or some other damaging event, the reason you have insurance is so you can get the compensation you need. So, why is your insurance company making it difficult to get a claim paid? It might be time to get legal help for your claim

An insurance claim lawyer will know how to stand up to the insurance company to get you the help you need.  Read on to learn how an insurance claim attorney can provide legal help for your claim.

Why You Need Help

While you have insurance to protect your interests, it’s not uncommon for an insurer to make it difficult to get your claim paid. 

Why might your insurance company not be paying your claim?

It’s possible your insurance company denied your claim outright. The insurance company might suggest your policy doesn’t cover the claim. They might suggest pre-existing damage. 

If you were in an accident, the insurance company might want the other insurer to pay the claim.

Another insurance tactic is to offer a small amount, hoping the insured will take the payout so they don’t have to pay more.

If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s not uncommon for an insurance company to quickly offer a settlement before you’re fully aware of the extent of damages of your overall claim. 

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the insurance company that stonewalls you and throws delay after delay before paying the claim. 

Each of these, sadly, are pretty common insurance tactics used by insurance companies to avoid either paying in full or paying a lesser amount; and this is why you need to hire an insurance claim lawyer. 

Fighting an Insurance Claim

You could choose to dispute the offers of an insurance company on your own. But be prepared to not make much progress without the help of an insurance claim attorney. 

It can be even more complex when multiple insurance companies are involved. For example, you might have been in a car accident with multiple vehicles. Each vehicle has its own insurer. 

The insurance companies will play the blame game and make every effort to get the other one to pay the claim. Meanwhile, you’ll be stuck wading through their delays. 

Hiring the Best Insurance Claim Lawyer

Unfortunately, you may not make much headway without the help of an experienced attorney. The insurance companies just know they can get away with more when an attorney isn’t representing the person making the claim. 

The attorney is able to put some time constraints on the insurance company. They are also experienced at negotiating with them, especially when there are multiple insurers involved. 

Get Help With Your Claim From an Insurance Claim Lawyer

It’s never easy to fight an insurance company. Trying to make progress without the help of an insurance claim lawyer might be nearly impossible. 

Don’t let the insurance company win because they’ve stonewalled you. Hire an attorney who knows how to stand up to the insurance company.

We want to help you and will offer you a free consultation of your case. Get in touch with us at Kitchen Simeson Belliveau LLP so we can get to work getting your insurance claim paid.