Dog Bite and Animal Attack Personal Injury Claims

If you have been bitten by a dog then you have a right to make a personal injury claim against the owner of the dog.  In Ontario there is a statute called the Dog Owners’ Liability Act.  This statute imposes liability on the owner of a dog for a bite or an attack.  The statute imposes what is called “strict liability” on the dog owner.  What this means is, regardless of the situation, even if the animal was startled, or it was the first time the animal attacked, the owner will be held responsible.  It does not matter if the owner was a good owner or acted reasonably, if the dog attacks, the owner will be held strictly liable.

Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover claims for dog bites and attacks.  This means that a claim against the dog owner will not result in the owner paying money out of their own pocket if they have insurance.  

Dog bites can cause significant injuries and damage.  Bites can leave scarring which can be a lifelong problem.  Very serious injuries can result from a dog bite and personal injury claims can be advanced to compensate for the injury as well as medical expenses and loss of income.  

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