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Level The Competition With A Personal Injury Lawyer In Oshawa

If you have been injured as a result of someone else's actions, you're already paying for it physically and emotionally. You shouldn't have to pay for it financially, too.

Kitchen Simeson Belliveau LLP and its personal injury lawyers have been fighting for fair compensation for innocent victims for over 35 years including, Car Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Boating Accidents, Brain Injuries, Catastrophic Injury & Death, Disability Insurance Claims, Slip & Fall, Animal Attacks, Life Insurance Claims, Fire & Property Claims, Medical Malpractice, Product Liability and Accident Benefits.

Our Personal Injury Legal Services In Oshawa

Not sure if you have a case? Personal injury law encompasses quite a few situations. Some of these include:

Claim Based:

At our firm of Oshawa personal injury lawyers we have the experience and knowledge to handle these delicate circumstances correctly. At Kitchen Simeson Belliveau LLP, we provide compassionate service to all involved individuals, and we know what it takes to ensure a successful outcome.

What Do I Do if  I've Been in an Accident?

Be careful of what you do following an accident as insurance companies often watch you and conduct surveillance and try and use this against you.

Our personal injury lawyers in Oshawa suggest following the steps mentioned below to protect the integrity and value of your claim:

  • Seek immediate medical assistance as it will be recorded as proof of the accident
  • Don't give the insurance company any statement as they can use certain words against you. Let our lawyers handle that part instead.
  • Don't sign any settlement agreement as it can be lower than the claim you actually should be projected to receive.

What is the Worth of My Claim?

In valuing claims these are some of the questions that need to be assessed:

  • How much have you spent on medical expenses?
  • How much of your work have you missed or are expected to miss?
  • Can you return to your job?
  • Are you able to work at all?
  • Have you missed any earning opportunities due to your injuries?
  • How has the accident affected your mental health and family life?
  • Will your injuries impair the quality of your life?
  • Is there a need for surgery?
  • Will your condition become worse over time?
  • How much routine treatment will you need in the future?

Proof Needed to get a Personal Injury Claim in Oshawa

The following evidence is often needed by our personal injury lawyers in Oshawa to prove a reasonable and fair claim following your accident:

  • Incident/Police reports
  • Photographic evidence of the accident scene
  • Statements of eyewitnesses
  • Medical records following the accident
  • Pay stubs to demonstrate the full extent of their damages

Compassionate Oshawa Personal Injury Lawyers

Your focus should be your recovery, not your personal injury case. Let us handle your case to relieve your legal burdens and stresses. When you choose our lawyers, you know your case will be in good hands.

We understand that you may be up against those with vast means and extensive legal representation. Don't worry – our capable legal staff in Oshawa will level the playing field, even if you don't have access to similar resources. We'll do everything we can to ensure you receive fair, reasonable compensation for your pain and suffering.

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